Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All The Things I Can't Get Done

I know this title sounds negative. And well, it is really. I cannot seem to get any of my important life projects done. Do you have these kinds of To Do items? The ones you can't ever seem to scratch off your list, even though you are positive they would change your life for the better in their final completion.

Here is my list:
* Create a internationally diverse, vege-filled, and cheap menu plan and matching shopping lists for at least a months worth of meals(A country focus a week). (Yes certainly a challenge...but not impossible....)

*Load more music on my phone so when I go to walk on the treadmill at the Y, I don't have to listen to the 8 songs I originally loaded on there (Before Baze was born...) over and over and over again.

*Purge my crafty area. I need this stuff to be way more functional and inviting. I LOVE to do any sort of crafting. But not being able to find what I want to play with makes it far too frustrating to even attempt. So....some crafties must go. (The hard thing about this one is not only do I NOT actually want to get rid of any of my craft supplies but I never have a large enough stretch of time where I can dig it all out and sort it. I've started this one before, but it always all gets crammed back in where I found it because we have a showing....ugh!)

*Figure out a good daily schedule where I am satisfied with the state of the cleanliness of the house on a regular basis AND I spend lots of one-on-one time with my Bazie and my Hubby...AND have a little time to spend on Barefoot ..AND have some time(at least an hour and a half a day to spend working out at (or getting to and then working out at) the Y. Is that asking so much?

*Go out on a "Take your time" date with just my hubby. Where we spend the day just together and find again what we found in each other before we had a precious little man in between us all the time.

Okay, now I'm starting to get "wanty"...I want this ....I want that....I want a million dollars ....

Going to bed now...with "If I Had a million dollars" stuck in my head...


Robin said...

I think the solution to your crafty issue will come when you have more space in your new house. You don't have an unreasonable amount, you just don't have enough space to organize it correctly. Sorry, I know that doesn't help you cross it off, but I think you are 1/2 there by at least putting the ideas out there (esp the ones about the hubby and you). Besides the people ones are never done.... just added on to one sweet moment at a time.

rhonda jean said...

Okay, I am going to challenge you. I want you to do the first thing on it - your meal plan. I will be back tomorrow and I hope you have your meal plan done. I hope you're up for a bit of gentle encouragement.

f8ed 2 1der said...

Okay rhonda jean! I will try! But if I get stuck I'm counting on you to be my meal-planning guru. Especially if you're the rhonda jean from "the most helpful and insightful simple living blog I've found: down---to---earth!" If you are...wow!...how did you ever get here?(you must teach me the magic!!) And if not, welcome anyway!!!
Did you used to be a teacher? This was a very good way to get me motivated(always my hardest subject , motivation...)!!Nice work!!

DK said...

Um, you're entitled to want things. That's actually good, to think about what YOU want once in a while. It becomes easy to forget.

rhonda jean said...

Thank you. Yes, my blog is down to earth. I used to be a journalist/technical writer, not a teacher. LOL! I'm not sure how I got here, I think I just followed links in side bars.

That's enough about me. Have you checked your pantry yet?