Sunday, May 11, 2008

For all the momma's

In honor of Mother's Day I have to send out some love to ALL the momma's out there...
* For pet mom's - and YES it totally counts. Dogs (Pets really..)are people too.
* For mentor's and 2nd mom's who give you all the things your blood momma can't. Support and love at times a bio mom can just be to close to your pain to really help....
* For all those mom's trying desperately to birth their own children whatever it takes and whatever it costs.
* For foster mom's, adoptive mom's, step mom's and surrogate mom's. This crowd never seems to get the love and props they're do. Loving children you birthed yourself is hard enough let alone loving and caring for children that aren't your own. Often times fighting hard just to love them....many times completely unappreciated.
* For all the mom's that make mothering look easy....AND all the rest of us. Who struggle every single day.
* For all the mom's whose children have lost their way.... who are fighting tooth and nail to keep them from destroying themselves.
* For all the mom's with children in the service fighting a pointless war....
* For all the mother's who have lost children. Our hearts are with all of you.
* For all the mom's who say "I love you" verbally to their children everyday. And for all the mother's who say "I love you" with every paycheck and support they can provide.
* For all the widow's, divorcees, spouses of servicemen at war and single mother's and father's who are both Mother AND Father every single day.
* For mother's with spotless and messy houses.....mother's who cook from scratch and mother's who cook in the nuker....
* For mother's with only one child...AND mother's with a house , a team or a classroom full of children who they call their own....
* For mom's with disabilities; physical, mental and emotional......keep're winning!
* For mom's whose children have the flu and mom's whose children have cancer.
* For teenage mothers.
* For all the mom's who go hungry so their children can eat...
* For new mother's and the "so new" stuggle of sleep deprivation and sacrifice. And of all the mature mom's whose children are having children of their own...teaching and letting go all at the same time...
* For our mother's mother's mother's ...who had it so much harder than we can even imagine..

For all of us.....doing the best we can every single day....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My (new) Fave Websites

I have been hungry for new interesting things lately and have stumbled across some really cool web curiosities(or something like that). - Life goal setting! How fun! And people cheer you on!! Just what I need! - Enhance your vocabulary. Play a little game. Feed hungry people. A win, Win, WIN!! - Ever wish you could talk to the radio and tell it how you really loved that song -but really hate this one? That's what pandora is. They're geniuses, I tell you geniuses! - It's like beautiful spiritual place that can fit the whole world. I grew up in a Presbyterian church where, as youth, we lit the service candles. But I have to say it wasn't nearly as moving or cathartic for me as these little internet ones.
- If you haven't seen it yet, watch it.
and - Thought provoking and entertaining....sooooo how I roll. - I just love smart people who think about things like this and make foundations to support them. Leave it to us humans to think about time and existence in a scientific way further than 2 or 3 lifetimes into it.
- More smart people!! And they're sharing!!

That's all today children. Good luck prying yourself from your puter for a while. ;-) Escapist?! Not me.