Monday, February 22, 2010

So it's been a year. So what!

....I've been kind of busy! And (as usual) I still am. So, just to spite all of you that keep whining that I haven't posted in a long time (you know who you are) here is a top 10 list. Just for you! Top 10 things I've been doing in the last year (instead of writing on my blog):

10. Losing ground on the "clean house" goal.
9. Settling the mold issue with the people who bought our old house for an additional $5000 over time.Ugh.
8. Fighting with a 3 year old. A. Lot.
7. Sending said 3-year old off to preschool (2 days a week for two hours).
6. Suffering through a miserable, uncomfortable, and difficult pregnancy (not that I am complaining... see 2 and 1).
5. Deciding and applying to go back to school to become a Waldorf teacher and get my Masters in Education.
4. Playing a multitude (like least!) of gigs with the band
3. Recording a CD with the band
2. Having a beautiful baby girl 4 weeks early.
1. Watching said baby sleep. SHE SLEEPS!!! Yay!!

Okay. That wasn't too hard. Maybe I'll post more soon.... No promises...I have a 2 month old to take care of for cripes sake!

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Anonymous said...

You have had a busy year and have done and accomplished so much and kept at it. you are the best mother and wife. love ya