Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I puke on long roller coaster rides...

Well, I think a recap of recent months events is in order.
  • Feb 1:We put our house on the market. (yes, it is a crappy time to put your house on the market. But we want to start trying for more kids soon and have no place to put them in our current house.)
  • March 25: After about 5 or so showings we get an offer. Yay!!!
  • March 26:After a couple of counter offers back and forth we land on a mutually agreeable offer which includes a closing of April 25. Yes. April 25 Ahhhhhhhhhh! We have to find a house!!!!
  • March 31: Go house shopping. Look a second time at a house we had looked at in early Feb. Fall in love. Put in an offer.
  • April 1: This date will forever live in infamy from now on... The devil. Seriously, the devil himself comes to inspect our house. Quotes from the devil: "This fridge (Brand spanking new in January) is dirty(said with utter distaste) but it works." "These to windows in the kitchen are painted shut. And they'd need supports. Could be hard on your back"(We completely redid the Kitchen in January including painting the window sills. They need to be razored, certainly. But do they have ten coats of paint on them and will never be opened again? No.) And finally the kicker...He shows the other realtor and the to-be buyer evidence of termites. And proceeds to scare the shit out of them (first home for them) telling them it is going to cost $30,000 mitigate the damage. Now, we did not know there was any termite activity in the house at all. We have done lots of work to this house and never found any sign of them. So finding termites on his part is fair. But some of the other inspectors our Realtor has talked to says there is no way it will be anywhere near that cost. Then....THEN we get the a counter from the House we fell in love with and put a bid on. And he can't be out until later in May(For three weeks either we'll have to board the dogs and move the three of us in my parents tiny extra bedroom OR for $2500 we could stay at the extended stay). Seriously nauseous now, I watch all the stuff we had just barely fitting together come crashing down. So now depending on what happens when we get a real termite inspector in here that new house may all go down the shitter. This is why I don't like getting my hopes set on things... Trying to stay positive though and I know that everything will work out eventually, its just really hard to see it that way right now.
If you are reading this....please send some good vibes our way. We can use anything we can get right now.....

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DK said...

Good vibes...good vibes...positive thoughts....

Wow, this whole house thing sucks. I'm sorry. I've got all available appendages crossed.


Will email soon.